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Greene’s Quality Gown Preservation


Variance in fabrics and stains

Our fine apparel preservation begins with a complete examination and documentation of your garment. We get to know it inside and out. We take measurements and analyze fibers, structures, and dyes. This is important because different fibers and fabric finishes need different treatments. Silk and rayon faille may look similar, but they react distinctly to water and organic solvents. Cottons may be finished with any number of starches to achieve a special look and texture. Linings and interlinings can shrink at different rates.

We also assess any damage that has occurred. We are thorough about identifying the chemical composition of stains; each often requires special treatment. Over the years we’ve seen and successfully treated a wide range of stains – red wine, grass, cake frosting, mud – even peanut butter & jelly! During our intense inspection we find even the smallest rips and tears. And we are careful to identify the composition of nonfabric components such as buttons, zippers, beads, and trim. We know that plastic buttons may melt, sequins dissolve, or beads explode if they are handled improperly. Our condition report records this information so we can use it to determine the best treatment for your dress. We will inform you before we carry out any procedure where the outcome may be uncertain. Attention to detail makes our process the most informative and reliable source in the industry.

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Our acid-free, museum-grade preservation boxes feature a window so you can observe your gown without breaking the seal